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keyless entry door lock

Mulit-Function & Security

Fingerprint Unlock

One-time Pin Code

Passcode Unlock

Emergency Keys Unlock

Anti-Peeping Password

Vacation Mode

Voice Guide

Anti-Theft Alarm

Low Battery Alert
How it works
Anti-peep passcode

Anti-Peeping Password

Enter random digits before or after your access code to confuse prying eyes. Never worry about your password being exposed via peeping or fingerprints on the keypad.

Low Battery Alert

Low Battery Alert

The backlit keypad lighten up in the dark. Banskey keypad deadbolt will remind you by flashing Red lights when the batteries are running low.

One-time passcode

One-Time Code

One-time code will be automatically deleted after use, suitable for neighbors, maintenance workers, pet sitters, etc.

Fingerprint & Code Unlock

Fingerprints & Code 

Fingerprint door lock recognizes your fingerprint within 0.3 seconds and unlock your door in 1 second, stores up to 100 fingerprints and 100 user codes for your family members. 

Unlock with Key

Unlock in an Emergency

The Banskey Smart Lock features a key hole for accessing the door with standard keys (the old fashioned way) as backups in case of emergency access.


Auto Lock

The keyless entry door lock can set to be locked automatically in 10-99s after the door closed, no worry about forgetting to lock the door in a rush.



Smart Lock

Ways to Unlock

Fingerprint Unlock

Key Unlock

Passcode Unlock

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